Breakfast at the Alumni Center

Another Wolverine Wednesday, and another pancake morning at the UVU Alumni Center.  We started serving breakfast last Fall at the Alumni Center to encourage the campus community and our alumni to come visit us and and the Center, since it is a bit out of the way.   We first served pancakes during Homecoming week and they were a hit.  So, we made them a permanent menu item starting with this semester.

We serve about 80-100 people every week from 8 to 10 AM.  We have a loyal group we see every week, and we always get a group of first-timers too.

Parker Donat (Do-nay), our intern and incoming SAB (Student Alumni Board) president, is responsible for the breakfasts, with the exception of the pancakes, which I handle.  Parker makes sure we have bagels, juice, fruit and yogurt on hand.  Parker makes sure we have information about the alumni association on the tables and always holds a drawing for a wolverine.  It’s a lot of fun and the pancakes are my secret recipe just for the alumni center.

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